Title: 13 Going On 30

Year Of Release: 2005

Review Date: August 31, 2005

Rating: PG-13

Box Office Gross:

Recommendation: While it was a touching film, I don't recommend this movie due to certain themes present therein that are not suitable for all audiences.

Site Rating: 3 out of 10 stars

I saw this movie "13 Going On 30" the other day, which starred Jennifer Garner. The film's trailer was a bit misleading, as I thought it was family oriented and it wasn't. However, it had some valid points I'd like to write about.

In the film, as a kid, Garner's character was a bit of an outcast and her best friend wasn't considered cool either. He was a chubby boy who did photography as a hobby.

She so desperately wanted to be popular, as she thought it would bring her happiness and acceptance. Her chance came at her 13th birthday party - that ended up changing her whole life for what she thought was for the better, but ironically was truly for the worse.

You see, she turned her back on her one true friend, the chubby young man who actually cared about her, and made friends with the most popular kids in school, who also turned out to be the most shallow. Go figure! But isn't it usually that way.

She got what she thought was the best life she could put together. Due to her new shallow friends, she couldn't just date a nobody. I write that sarcastically, as that was the character's attitude and ironically that of some shallow celebrities as well.

A shallow, selfish, dishonorable friend encouraged her to date a famous hockey player, because that's the type of person she should be seen with. Then she could tell everyone how her boyfriend is famous and who he is - which she did in one scene of the movie when fans came up to him on the street.

Never mind she really didn't care about the boyfriend, as she still cared about her friend, the photographer, that she'd turned her back on at age 13 because he was a nobody in her shallow friends' estimation.

Here's where the story goes wrong for the lead character. One of her so called shallow friends she made at age 13 and grew up with from then on, stabbed her in the back, cost her her job and her career. Another example of how some people who claim to be for you, can be the greatest source of suffering and trouble in your life.

In life watch who you listen to and who you call friend. Being impressed with someone for whatever reason and following their ill advised suggestions can be seemingly harmless at first, until you follow their advice in that one catastrophic decision that ruins you.

The story gets even worse when her one true friend she turned her back on at age 13 grows up to be quite the hunk and a successful photographer. However, because she was mean to him and had turned her back on him, he started dating and became engaged to a young woman that didn't treat him the shallow way she had. A very common occurrence.

Girlfriend got so desperate towards the end of the film when she realized she loved him that she even tried to stop his wedding. In a tearful and emotional scene, he told her that as much as he cared about her, he could not date or marry her after how she treated him before. I mean, who would want to date or marry someone who did that to them. That's someone showing you what they are made of - which is not very much.

But you'd be surprised at the shallowness some people carry over from their teen years into adulthood to their detriment. They value all the wrong things in people and miss out on great friendships and the right partner, because they deemed them a nobody, not attractive enough, not cool enough or not stylish enough.

She was in tears and devastated that he would not call off his wedding at her admission that she was in love with him and had been the whole time, but can you blame him. That situation was due to her bad, vain choices.

It was all her doing. She couldn't get mad at him for his decision. That part of the movie was quite sad because she was really devastated when she realized what had happened. Garner was very believable in this role and her acting was good.

When you act with integrity in life, you won't have to be ashamed of and sorry for your actions later. When you let shallowness, social snobbery, selfishness and self-importance guide you, you will sorely regret it later. The Bible says "God resists the proud, but gives grace to the lowly (humble)" and "Pride comes before a fall."

The film had a happy ending, however. She got to turn back the clock to when she was 13 and undo the bad choices she'd made beginning at that age that would lead to her unhappiness and ruination as an adult - like turning her back on her one true friend who grew up to be the hunky photographer and taking up with the shallow group of teens that would lead to her demise later in life.

However, that usually only happens in the movies. Most people don't get the chance to go back and undo their mistakes. You know, like in "Back To The Future." Which is why it is important to act with integrity and humility now to avoid the consequences of such mistakes later.

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