Title: Hitler: The Rise of Evil

Year Of Release: 2003

Review Date: May 23, 2003

Rating: PG-13

Running time: 103 minutes

Box Office Gross: TV movie

Recommendation: Engrossing film with good acting. A few missteps with the characterization of the biopic's main subject. However, the film helped to remind people of how racism can take root and be terribly destructive.

Site Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Hitler: The Rise of Evil

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the film "Hitler: The Rise of Evil," which was aired on television this week. While it was an interesting film, I have to agree with a few of the people who said the film might create sympathy for Hitler. I don't think it adequately captured how truly evil he was. It's as though they tried to dissect his personality through film and in doing so added dimensions to his character that just were not there.

The actor was quite good in the role, but the dialogue didn't accurately portray Hitler. The dialogue was well written, but not dark enough for what took place. Though no one but The Lord and Hitler's inner circle truly know the details of what was said during his life, watching historic footage of him in contrast with the film, clearly showed the disparities.

The film made him look more crazed than evil, when he had a full dose of both. They gave Hitler a personality when he had none. It made him look hesitant and apprehensive when doing wrong, as though he had a conscience, when history clearly shows otherwise. It would have been better had they made him look more evil than crazed.

The film explored a lot of his personal life, thus tempting people to feel sympathy for him by trying to understand why he committed the atrocities he did. You will not be able to understand that, as some people are just evil. What's there to understand or analyze about that. Some people choose to be evil. He was obsessed with a racist ideal he viewed as the truth, then used patriotism to indoctrinate others with that erroneous belief.

There was a scene that caught my attention because my birthday flashed across the screen - but after watching what they were referring to, it turns out it was the day that Hitler was shot and arrested for treason (November 8th, 1923).

The film did create awareness and serves as a reminder of what happens when people hate others because of their race and or ethnicity. People need to be reminded of the Holocaust and slavery as well. Not as a source of guilt, because we all must forgive each other, it is something God requires of us - but it should prompt us to look at ourselves in the mirror and analyze our personalities for traces of racism and hatred.

Hitler's mother died of cancer and her doctor, who was Jewish, was unable to save her. Some believe it may very well be where his hatred for Jewish people began. However, it does not justify it in the slightest. People like to use the bad things that befall them as an excuse for inappropriate behavior.

You also see these things on a smaller scale. Someone goes through something and the seeds of hatred are planted for the entire race of people who are the same as the person who hurt them. It is not right to hate and vilify an entire nation or ethnic group because of some of the people in it. You have to resist that hatred, if not it will consume you and become destructive.

It is also the same with slavery. You cannot condemn people for their ancestors sins. While slavery was a terrible time in history, black people should not hold on to that hatred and white people should not hold on to those racist feelings as well. We need to let go of these grudges and hateful attitudes and learn to forgive and love each other.

There is a musician whose mother died because they were apart of a sect that didn't believe in or allow medicine, but they believed that God would heal her. Now he hates God and writes satanic music that has been disseminated to over 100 million people in the last 15 years.

While I'm sorry that his mother passed and under those circumstances, it does not justify his behavior. I dislike his music and what he has done with it for the past 15 years. It's one thing to be hurt about something that happened to you, but it is quite another thing to infect others with that hatred and bitterness. Yes, it is hatred, as he hates God, Jesus and Christians and constantly makes references to that in his lyrics. 

When you look around you see innocent babies, children, the elderly, young people starting their lives, how can you in your anger and bitterness spew that hatred you have on them. Why not want something better for them and hope that they don't have to go through what you did.

Work through your problems and don't make it everyone else's through negativity via your music or films. Pray about it, get private counseling, talk it out with your family, but don't make a record about it that millions of people will hear and be susceptible to.

My maternal grandmother died of cancer years ago, but as young as I was, I realized that it is a part of life. While God does heal people, sometimes it is not His will. People don't always get well. People do die.

My brother died several years ago. Two kids were playing around by the ocean, fell in and started drowning. The tide was really strong and my brother was the only one who would go in the water to try to save them. He did save one boy's life (who later died) but when he went back to get the second child, the tide was too strong and pulled them both under. I try to look at the positive and remember the good things.   

You choose your reaction to circumstances. It doesn't mean you don't grieve, it means you don't become embittered and destructive. During these circumstances, I didn't get bitter and decide to hate God and hate the world or try to infect the world with feelings of hatred and bitterness through my music and films.

Sometimes bad things happen and we have to deal with them as best we can, not use them as an excuse to be hateful and destructive. Actually my love for God grows stronger each day I live.

There are usually two reactions when bad things happen. People try to help others in an effort to alleviate others suffering, as they know what it is like to hurt, but, regrettably, some grow bitter and hateful with the desire to spread that misery and hatred.

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