Title: Kill The Messenger  

Year Of Release: 2006

Review Date: January 24, 2008

Rating: PG

Running time: 52 minutes

Box Office Gross: N/A

Recommendation: Former FBI employee blows the whistle on corrupt agency director Robert Mueller.

Site Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Sibel Edmonds Tells All

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Girlfriend made the FBI's Robert Mueller look like a real animal in this documentary. So yea, I basically enjoyed it. After the criminal negligence he utilized in my human rights abuse case that could have cost me my life, it was good to see someone throw him under the bus for the traitor he is to his country, morality and justice.

What I didn't enjoy is the sheer level of corruption pouring out of this man with his notorious cover ups, highlighted in this film. It shows you just how unprotected the country is when more attention is given to a cover up than a cure.

They have been making active attempts at destroying this woman for simply telling the truth and not going along with a Mueller ordered cover up.


She appropriately went to Congress with what she had discovered, which Mueller hated. And since Mueller thinks the FBI under his poor leadership is its own free standing branch of government, unanswerable to the Constitution, Congress and the people, he decided to teach Mrs. Edmonds a lesson for opening her mouth.

He paid her back for her honesty via retaliation. I cannot begin to tell you what a punk you look like retaliating against a woman.

If I hadn't been told by a very credible source that you cheated on your wife, I'd wonder if you'd been castrated, getting vengeful in that manner, retaliating against a woman. And please deny it, so you can get caught in a lie - and considering I was the first to write about certain FBI Patriot Act abuses in my December 2006 Sound Off Column that the DOJ Inspector General, Glenn Fine, found to be true three months later in March 2007, I'm not the one with the history of lying. But keep having Miami FBI lawyers (Mr. Novice and Mr. Luders - January 2008) call me playing with me asking me questions they already know the answers to, about that case where my very life was placed in jeopardy, and all your business is going to end up on this site. But enough about me...

Sibel Edmonds is one of several now former FBI employees who've complained that Mueller viciously retaliated against them for rightfully going to Congress and blowing the whistle on activity he engaged in that they correctly deemed corrupt.

These cover ups are destructive, endangering the country and they need to stop. Rather than tackling serious problems with national security, crime and human rights, they are being swept under the rug, which is very dangerous.

Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds

Mueller's been trying to shut Sibel Edmonds up and play down the article that came out in the London Times last week, but the cover up is dead. The story has been spooled onto tens of thousands of web sites, which multiplied by their respective site readerships, means millions of people have read about it.

You're not hiding anything from anyone - other than the names of the corrupt officials, which ironically, a few credible newspapers have in their possession.  Because of the FBI's deafening silence, international papers are ripping the agency to shreds and "the U.S. Media" for "covering it up."

Too bad for Mueller the U.S. blogs didn't cover it up - liberal, conservative and otherwise, are demanding answers. If I were you I wouldn't sneeze at that. There are blogs online that get more readers than talk shows on major networks get viewers.

Robert Mueller, the current FBI director, was at the helm of the agency when September 11th happened due to criminal negligence. He was at the helm when hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money went missing on a yet to surface computer system.

He was at the helm when the FBI, under his leadership, was outed by the New York Times for conducting the president's illegal warrantless wiretapping program. He was at the helm when an appalling scandal surfaced recently regarding him launching a cover up to protect a handful of U.S. government officials selling state nuclear secrets. Yet amazingly, he is still at the helm.

Yes, the country has much reason to be concerned. The worst part is the nation doesn't even know the half of it where this man is concerned. Mark my words, when all is said and done, Robert Mueller is going to end up being one of the worst things that ever happened to America.

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