Title: The Choking Game
Year Of Release: 2014
Review Date: February 23, 2017
Rating: PG-13
Running time: 88 minutes
Box Office Gross: N/A
Site Rating: 6 out of 10 stars

"The Choking Game" is an interesting film about a dangerous asphyxiation habit some have adopted that can lead to death. Most people do not know teens (and adults) are choking themselves to get high (pressing on the carotid artery) . However, in many cases it results in death or disability.

The movie "The Choking Game" follows the fictitious story of Taryn and Nina, whose lives are disrupted by engaging in self-strangulation. The damage it creates is very tangible. The end of the movie is eerie, but a reality for many who play the choking game.

According to statistics, 1,000 kids die each year from playing the choking game. Families are left devastated and with so many unanswered questions. It is beneficial that "The Choking Game" brought attention to this serious topic and hopefully it will save many lives.

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